Approach to Rhinoplasty

The nose is the organ that protects the respiratory system, filters the air we breathe from dust, warms it, moistens it, provides smell, contributes to resonance in speech and has many other tasks. In addition to this duty, it is also as important in terms of beauty: “ it is located in the centre of the face and expresses the character of face”.

The success in rhinoplasty depends the establishing the correct balance of function and aesthetic. The purpose on functional and aesthetic surgery is to obtain the result within a total harmony with features and personal by referencing the healthy and beautiful nose anatomy in the noses, which are not operated before.

Functional surgery of nose includes the interventions such as the correction of obliqueness of middle section (septum), the reduction of conchae on the sidewalls, the elimination of narrowness of nose tunnel (nasal valve problems), the repair of pore on the middle section of nose (septum perforation), endoscopic sinus surgery. Aesthetic surgery of the nose includes the changes of shape that the person sees when he/she looks in the mirror and is to obtain a natural, beautiful nose shape that is compatible with the facial features of the person. The other important point is the flexibility of the nasal tip. It should also be felt naturally when you are touching it while it looks natural. Gaining experience in each of these requires years of work. There is a metaphor: “Dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants”. It emphasizes moving the ideas further by using and learning the productions of thinkers and scientist in past. Please question experiences of your surgeon which you will trust your nose in functional and aesthetic surgery and productions to world literature on this field. A self-confident surgeon will be pleased to have such an interest rather than being taken it them personally. In fact, every physician knows that in order to be successful in nasal surgeries, regular and frequent operations are needed. This is possible only if the surgeon devotes all his/her energy and time to nasal surgery.

Please question the details of the method to be applied in rhinoplasty. Each surgical method has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no best and standard surgical technique alone. It is of course important that the surgeon has detailed knowledge of the different techniques to be applied. However, the surgeon should also have the experience to treat the complication faced with due to this technique and to achieve the desired outcome. In aesthetic rhinoplasty, even if the possibility of complications is very low, it is better to avoid applying that method if it results in irreparable disorders. This correct approach is valid also a technique applied to cartilage and bone skeleton, or any technological device used.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery of millimetres.” This surgery is done to get healthier breathing and look beautiful and be happier. The key to success in rhinoplasty is the mutual trust between the patient and the surgeon. The patient and the surgeon are two separate individuals with different understanding of beauty. After a detailed analysis in the consultation, the necessary procedures for nasal health shall be explained in full by the surgeon. For the rhinoplasty, it is very important that the patient and the surgeon discuss each detail and their aesthetic understandings in detail with sufficient time. It is very valuable to make the right decision if you are informed sufficiently during the consultation and feel that there is mutual trust. Instead of making immediate decisions at the first interview, it is very appropriate for the patient to think calmly by giving suitable time to himself/herself and to decided the surgery if the trust is continue after discussing the new questions came to his/her mind in different interview. In this process, I usually recommend that my patients meet with other surgeons. This way, he/she will have the chance to choose the surgeon who feels full of confidence and feels right for him. After all, if there are still question and unclear emotions in the patient's mind, it is much better for the patient and the surgeon to cancel or postpone the surgery. The result of the rhinoplasty made by making the right decisions is also successful and contributes to the patient's happiness by making a positive psychological effect.