Rhinoplasty (Primer)

The surgery philosophy of Dr. Eren Taştan is based on “ the establishing the right balance of natural function and aesthetic “. Function cannot be given up aesthetics and aesthetics cannot be given up function. This balance can be established by taking as an example of beautiful and healthy breathing noses. When the ideal nose anatomy is created surgically, the best result is achieved. In order to specialize in rhinoplasty, where ideal results are determined by millimetric differences, there is need the years of work, fine surgical abilities and improved aesthetic perception.

Dr. Eren Taştan is specialized in Rhinoplasty.

There are two types of rhinoplasty called open technique and closed technique. In fact, these are the same operations; the way to reach the nasal skeleton is different only. A surgeon who does not fully understand the philosophy of rhinoplasty cannot be successful in both ways. Determining the outcome of the operation is the detailed analysis of the problems and the application of correct surgical techniques to the nasal skeleton. Dr. Eren Taştan is equally specialized in closed and open technique rhinoplasty and applies the same surgical procedures to the nasal skeleton in both techniques. He helps to choose the right approach by considering the patient's preference.

Each nose is different. As the anatomy of it varies from person to person, rhinoplasty is one of the most complex and complicated operations. Being individual of nasal and facial anatomy requires the use of personalized techniques. There is no standard nose and standard rhinoplasty. Combination of surgical techniques according to the patient requires a lot of experience. Success in rhinoplasty is possible with the dedication of surgeon all his time and energy to work in this field. This is basically a matter of choice. As emphasized in the idea of “being a master in a job rather than an apprentice in every job”, the only way to be the best in a job is to master all the details by doing that job. The most accurate evaluation of the work produced by a surgeon is its scientific community, which is what he brings to the literature in this field. Dr. Eren Taştan has introduced new surgical techniques to the world literature on three different topics in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty. He describes the surgical techniques developed by being invited to many national and international meetings.

For successful rhinoplasty, there is need the three-dimensional thinking, detailed nose and face analysis to determine the aesthetic and functional problems, planning the surgical techniques required for the solution of all of these in detail. Completing these steps correctly requires experience and expertise. It is not born as an expert in a subject, it happens in time and it requires learning the techniques to the finest detail, always seeking the best by making self-criticism as your experience increases and developing your own way and philosophy with these experiences. Approximately ten years of experience is needed to really specialize in any job in life. Dr. Eren Taştan has faced various functional and aesthetic problems for many years and has developed unique surgical techniques to solve these problems. Nasal aesthetics and nasal obstruction are frequently needed interventions such as nasal tip aesthetics, nasal tip lifting, wide nasal tip, curved nose, nasal hump, nasal septum deviation (nasal bone curvature), and nasal valve narrowness (nasal valve).

All of these problems are actually much easier than those with previous failed rhinoplasty, and successful results can be obtained with application of basic rhinoplasty techniques selectively. However, it is necessary to pay great attention to detail in easy, simple rhinoplasties that have not been operated before. Nose is the surgery of millimetres and there are only millimetre differences between the best result and an ordinary result.

Dr. Eren Taştan gives you the best ideal result.

Dr. Eren Taştan is aware that rhinoplasty is a complex operation and will do everything necessary to achieve the best possible results.

Dr. Eren Taştan aims best for you by working selectively for a primary rhinoplasty operation (first rhinoplasty) for about 3 hours and secondary (revision, previously unsuccessful rhinoplasty) operation for 4-5 hours according to level of difficulty. Instead of performing a standard nasal aesthetics, the goal of performing personalized surgical manoeuvres is to achieve the best results in your surgery by, focusing on the finest details, and to spend the labour required making it your last surgery. A beautiful nose is a nose that looks natural and feels flexible and natural when touched. In order to achieve “flexible when you touched and, naturally felt nasal tip“ that appears to be simple, the surgeon must patiently re-establish the nasal tip support mechanisms without doing cut corners. Dr. Eren Taştan argues that every manoeuvre performed during surgery has long-term results of every millimetre touch and applies surgical technical details with this awareness. The surgery is finished only when the target of a healthy, natural and beautiful nose is reached.

Rhinoplasty is the process of establishing a new force balance and when the correct surgical manoeuvres are performed, it is the long-term outcome of what is in the operation table. These details will take 6-12 months to settle postoperatively. For the best long-term outcome, Dr. Eren Taştan will make necessary implementation and give necessary suggestions by following up you until complete recovery of your nose will be ensured.

Dr. Eren Taştan adopts the idea that each nose and face is unique to the person rather than the standard aesthetic understanding. The personalized nose is formed by the surgeon's millimetre touches taking into account the facial features and expresses the character of the face.

“Nose is like a fingerprint. It is individual and expresses the character of the face ”..

We communicate face to face in our social life. The nose should look natural and beautiful in all directions, especially at the first sight, and must be compatible with the facial features. If necessary, a better harmony with facial features is ensured by intervening in the weaknesses such as forehead and chin. Surgeon and patient are two different individuals with different aesthetic understanding. Dr. Eren Taştan takes your face as a whole after listening carefully to all the details you care about. He spends a long time in the interview with patient to ensure a clear understanding of the idea that the nose is beautiful corresponding with features. Dr. Eren Taştan makes your photo analysis together with you considering the anatomical structures and skin thickness specific to your nose and face. He listens to your expectations in full detail and tells you the most healthy and ideal result that is realistic. The main purpose of this analysis is to ensure that the patient can understand the philosophy of “nose expresses the feature of face”. In fact, your surgery is done to create this statement that is unique to you.