Prof. Dr. Eren Taştan

About Him

He was born in 1968 at Artvin,Turkey. He completed his primary education at Karaköy Köyü Primary School and completed his secondary education and high school at Ankara Atatürk Anatolian High School. After he graduated from the University of Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine (English), he started to his Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases career education at Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital. He attended the courses in the country and abroad in which the experts shared their experiences with the interest especially functional and aesthetic nose surgery within this period. Surgeons who is expert on the international field had a common philosophy:” being a master in a job rather than an apprentice in every job”. He decided to specialize especially in rhinoplasty with this idea. After he became Ear, Nose, Throat specialist, he operated numerous functional (endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, nasal valve surgery, septum perforation repair) and aesthetic (closed rhinoplasty, open rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty) rhinoplasty. He was in new searches of this field by finding insufficient the current surgery techniques used for difficult cases on nose health and aesthetic. As a result of the long researches, he developed new technique in three different subject of rhinoplasty and brought them to world literature:

1) Revision (Correction) Rhinoplasty/Nose Job:
The Oblique Split Method: A Novel Technique for Carving Costal Cartilage Grafts. JAMA Facial Plast Surg. 2013 Feb 14:1-6. doi: 10.1001/jamafacial.2013.671.

2) Nasal Valve (Nose Valve Narrowness) Surgery:
A novel method for internal nasal valve reconstruction: H-graft technique. Laryngoscope. 2011 Mar;121(3):480- 6. doi: 10.1002/lary.21437.

3) Septum Perforation Repair:
Inferior turbinate composite graft for repair of nasal septal perforation. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2012 May- Jun;26(3):237-42. doi: 10.2500/ajra.2012.26.3765.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eren Taştan was invited to many meeting of European Facial Plastic Surgery Association and also World Congress of International Facial Plastic Surgery Association and he explained the “Oblique Split Method” which is a new invention in the solution of revision rhinoplasty many times as a course. This new technique, which is proud for our country, is being used by many plastic surgery and ENT specialists all over the world dealing with the science and art of nasal surgery.